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State of the Art Wind Turbine


3MW Direct Drive Technology


Krackow-Glasow  is located in southern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, about 120km north-east from Berlin. It is the site where the first A3000 prototype was erected. The area ist referred as DIBt2 wind zone according to the classifiacation of the German Institute for Construction Technology and corresponds to the IECIII wind class. The configuration of the A3000 adapteted to the site conditions assure an efficient energy convertion. The turbine is in operation since December 2013 and provides ever since valuable information for the ongoing optimisation of the turbine technology and for its certification.

Technical data:
Wind turbine A3000
Rated power 3 MW
Rotor diameter 116m
Hub height 142 m
Commissioning December 2013
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