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State of the Art Wind Turbine


3MW Direct Drive Technology

Why Amperax?

To make wind energy more efficiently - that is our goal. The use of wind power requires efficient technology for making use of even low wind regions that can not be operated economically otherwise. Amperax has set itself the goal of optimizing the technology to generate electricity from the wind and to increase the power per swept area over previous systems. The Amperax wind turbines are robust and provide more energy per site.


The Amperax-technology is based on previous long term experience on many different manufacturers. That leads to high efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and an optimized energy yield even with low wind speeds. These are the main targets that Amperax was aiming for at the turbine development. Further, the turbine guarantees a high grid stability and uses only state of the art components from renowned suppliers.



Advantages going with Amperax:

  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Modern production facilities in Germany with excellent infrastructure
  • ISO 9001 certified company
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